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Bondage active The advertiser ties up his sexual partner, f. Both are completely naked. Toys Sex toys in general DD DoppelDildo The advertiser permits a manipulation with a dildo in her vagina and anus at the same time. Vinyl The advertiser loves vinyl and likes to wear it as well. Sandwich Concurrent anal intercourse as well as vaginal traffic, called dadurch double penetration. Thai-Massage The traditional Thai massage is a Thai massage technology. To kisses, cuddling, cuddling, stroking.

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Sex with changing the positions SexualIntercourse crouches in different and varying positions, e. Pain Therapy passive If the play describes with pain by the reader by means of different instruments as for example of the hand, to a cane on certain body parts f. The infliction of bodily pains with a whip, rod or switch. Verbal humiliation active If the term of abuse of the sexual partner reader describes by the advertiser and looks at this verbally just as a product. GB FacialInsemination The man ejaculates in the face of his sexual partner. Verbal-Erotic passive Dirty words with the sex [or also: The Advertiser visited the reader - usually in his private apartment.

Habe Lust Spiez Sex

Lust Spiez Habe Sex

Leather The advertiser likes leather and likes to dress up in same. Transvestite education The point of the transvestite education is to transform a male Sub outwardly into a woman transvestiteteach him female etiquette rules, and teach him womanly demeanours. Bondage passiv Describes the practices of bondage games or the restriction of movement by the advertiser. Sex in Caravans The advertiser receives the reader in the caravan of the Advertiser. On this occasion, the whole male genital area, from the penis about the testicles up to the prostate gland becomes massaged. To kisses, cuddling, cuddling, stroking. KB BodyInsemination The man ejaculates on the body not face or genital area of his sexual partner.


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